Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random thoughts

Sometimes I walk through lanes and by-lanes, looking for something that is lost...
Sometimes I trudge through muddy roads while rusty tramcars trundle past...

Sometimes I feel tears trickling down a cheek...

Sometimes I am a ping-pong ball thrashed from this end to that...sometimes I am the table on which the game is played.

Sometimes I am the cushion she rests her foot on ; sometimes I am the heel of her shoe.

Sometimes I hurl a brick at the stillness of my reflection in a pool of clear water.

Sometimes I slash my wrists with the shards of broken dreams.

Sometimes I wander through the fish market, in search of silence. Sometimes I am a piece of dead flesh, on the butcher's table...while my blood is spattered on the white walls.

Sometimes I step in front of a speeding bus...and am pulled back by a passer-by..."Ey! Paagal hai kya ?!"

Sometimes I stand at cross-roads, holding on to a sign post for dear life.

Sometimes I just stand and watch the colours of the rainbow fade into grey clouds...

(written on the 6th of January, 00-30 hrs)


  1. If you are open to suggestions...

    The effect is diminished by the sudden intrusion of the Hindi interjection.

  2. @ Grey :

    This is something that I actually witnessed one day on my way to school... Made me wonder if I'd end my life the same way someday.